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rureal! asked im looking to buy an sds drill but am torn between cordless or electric. also what make is the best ? thanks?

have looked at makita, bosch,hilti and one or two others. would prefere cordless but is the loss of power compared to corded that much? a friend of mine has used a 36v sds and said it was awesome!looking for advice from people who have expefience with these tools. thanks.

And got the following answer:

I have used Dewalt and Milwakee and found they are the most well made cordless drills. I have tried cheaper brands from Walmart and couple other places. The failed quickly. I am an electrician and hate pulling cords all over. The cordless is just as good as an electric. When set on low speed it has damn near broken my wrist it has so much torque. The batteries on the Dewalt i have last from one to two hours under heavy use. They charge in about an hour and have two batteries. The only down side I have found is when I forget to charge the batteries and get to a job and they are both dead. DOH. AND you get what you pay for. $200+ for a good drill. I use the 18V dewalt with a 1/2 inch chuck. As long as I dont drop it 40 feet onto concrete it lasts a long time. BTW get the metal chuck. They can also come with the hammerdrill option.

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