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Guitar Guy asked Which Dremel rotary tool should I get?

I'm having trouble deciding which tool to get. Most have their obvious pros and cons, but there are some deciding factors that I need to find out. I'm building guitar effect pedals again, and am gonna make some mods to my amp, so I need something that can handle drilling wood, aluminum, and ABS, as well as sanding, buffing - all that standard stuff. I'm also willing to buy 'generic' brand (non-Dremel) stuff, but only under high recommendation. My top choice, based on my budget, is the 7.2v cordless Multipro, but I've heard (from only ONE review) that the battery is only 20 mins or so and takes 3 hours to charge, and I don't want to have to buy an extra battery pack. I'd like to know if this is true or untrue. If this is untrue, then I think my problem is solved. Second choice is the 100 Series or the Single-Speed Multipro. They both seem pretty similar. I'm worried that the cord won't be long enough or will get in the way, and that the single speed (35000 RPM) may be too much for some applications (ie. drilling ABS). Will the single-speed factor be a problem for my applications? Third choice is the 300 series or the variable speed Multipro. Same cord problem as the single speed models, but I would also have to buy this one used. What is the reliability of these tools, and should I worry about not having a warranty if I buy used?

And got the following answer:

In all honesty, I do not own a MultiPro, nor have I ever used one either. Although I do often use my dads old variable speed, corded, Dremel tool which he uses a lot as well and has had it next to forever. However when I wanted to buy one, I didn't have a lot of cash at the time so I got an inexpensive variable speed 9.5v rotary tool kit that has a shaft mounted LED light, several accessory attachments, including a flexible extension shaft from a well known discount tool retailer. I got this tool knowing that I'd get what I paid for which was roughly around $20.00; so my expectations weren't very high. And while admittedly, the tool has lasted longer than I initially anticipated (2 years now), the rechargeable battery pack is holding less of a charge with each use, it runs rather hot & combined with the other shortcomings it has; makes this tool a real displeasure to work with and pales in comparison to using my dads Dremel. So getting to your question, my first advice would be to buy the tool new; you never know what the previous owner did to or with the tool, not to mention you should want a warranty when buying any rotary tool. Second thing would be determining how frequently you'll be using the tool, if you feel this would be quite often; then buy the best tool you can afford! In regards to buying a cordless tool, I'd advise against it unless it has the ability to also be operated with an AC\DC converter power pack cord. Only because unless you have a second battery to use when your first one is charging; I think that you'll find that ANY cordless rotary tools battery doesn't last very long. And dealing with a cord isn't that troublesome if you have an extension cord and a hook to hang the cord from allowing the tool to hang down into your workspace. You'll agree that a cord isn't that bothersome when you have to wait at least 3 hours to finish just a little bit of work that couldn't be done because your battery died. And lastly, I think single speed tools are often too much for alot of tasks and strongly recommend at least a two speed if not a variable speed tool. These are just my opinions and what I've experienced with rotary tools, I hope you find it some help in choosing yours.

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