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JB asked The 3 prongs that grip a drill bit in my B&D drill are stuck open. Anyone know how to get them unstuck?

This is a chuck-less cordless drill from Black and Decker.

And got the following answer:

Seriously....If the drills under its 2 yr warranty locate a service center. Otherwise follow my directions & save some $$$$$$$!!!! YEA!! I purchased an expensive $195 drill that didnt run for $5.00 at a garage sale. Guess what now it runs!! YEA!! I recommend replacing the worn out junk chuck. Some chucks are approx $10 or less You will need to purchase a strap wrench the right size then lever the chuck open. You might have to Whack the strap wrench handle really hard with a rubber mallet to knock it loose. The drill bit should drop out. WD is flammable & not good for most plastics & drill motors cordless motors have carbon brushes which can ignite WD vapors. Only use WD AFTER you remove the chuck from the drill body. Once the chuck jaws are totally open look inside chuck for a small screw remove. Sometimes the screw threads are backwards meaning you have to turn the screw right to loosen it. (some drill chucks dont have a chuck retaining screw) Now your ready to remove the chuck from the drill using the strap wrench or long thick allen wrench from B lots Okay insert & tighten an allen wrench in chuck. When looking / facing at drill chuck jaws use a mallet to Whack allen wrench really hard in a clockwise direction the chuck should loosen & come off.

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