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Kevin S asked Opinions on cordless screwdrivers?

I want to buy a cordless screwdriver as a gift. I'm looking at the Mastercraft 3.6V Lithium Ion Screwdriver (item # 54-2740-8 at canadian tire) it seems a good value but I haven't had any recent experience with cordless screwdrivers. the last time i used one was nearly 20 years ago. Can any one shed some light onto this and tell me if this product is good, or can you suggest an alternative?

And got the following answer:

I avoid anything with a lithium ion battery whenever possible. They're very fragile, electrically speaking, don't have a very good useful lifespan whether you use them or not, and are very expensive to replace. In the case of something that sells for $35, replacing the battery can't possibly be cost effective, so it's going to have a useful life of only a couple years, whether it's used or not. I'm with DIY Doc, I don't find powered screwdrivers worth the trouble, unless I have a LOT of screws to turn in/out. In that case a cordless drill is called for; they have a lot more power and battery capacity. Something like Canadian Tire's #54-2794-0, Jobmate 18V Drill, would work well for light duty use, and is just a bit more money. If you really want a smaller, easier to handle cordless screwdriver, if it were me, I'd go for #54-2815-2, Jobmate 6V Screwdriver, and use it with NiMH rechargeable AA's. Or, just for occasional use, with alkalines.

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