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Kets asked Which multipurpose cordless screwdriver?

Have been struggling with my manual precision screwdriver in opening up laptop, DSLR etc. electronics I now have 3 different sets of manual screwdriver sets so want to buy 1 cordless screwdriver set which could help me with opening up electronic stuff and with basic stuff around the house. Any suggestions would be much appreciated... Thanks Dookie - but would 7 Volt screwdriver not be harsh on delicate screws/body of DSLRs etc.?

And got the following answer:

I have one strong suggestion: The higher the voltage the better. Do not get a crumby 3 or 4 volt cordless screwdriver. I would also TRY to stay away from Black & Decker products - I know that's hard to do cause they have a big market share. I have had 3 cordless screwdrivers in the past and the B&D was the worst performing and quickest to being wrecked and easiest to strip the cheap screwdriver tips it came with. Try to stay away from Skil and Taskforce also. Buy a Dewalt screwdriver - little pricey but very good quality. And remember - go at least 7 volt power. Additional edit - didn't think of that... but would suggest looking at torque (if available on specs) higher torque means more pressure when tightening or loosening. Also, if someone makes an adjustable speed cordless screwdriver that might come in handy, not sure if they do or don't. I use my cordless drill as a screwdriver all the time (not on electronics though) and it has adjustable speeds and can loosen any tough screws I have come across. Now if you were to use a good cordless drill as a screwdriver you might need a good assortment of high quality bits so the size of the drill does not get into your way. I would suggest going to a big hardware store like Home Depot or Lowes - look at the bits available for cordless drills and then make up your mind whether to go with a cordless drill or cordless screwdriver. Drills will increase funtionality and can be turned into many other things - like sanders, cutting, etc. Speeds are adjustable on many drills - just some suggestions.... I personally love my Craftsman C3 Lithium Ion drill (19.2 volt) it has a very good led light built in, which turns on whenever trigger is depressed and is very helpful. The C3 battery can be swapped to many other Craftsman tools also - I have the circular saw and used both the drill and saw today with the same battery. Well, good luck!

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