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tanya asked Whats the best drill for concrete walls?

And got the following answer:

Do you want a Drill or Drill Bits? If your going to be doing allot of drilling and the drill will be used frequently, you might want to invest in something that will hold up for many years. I happen to like Makita Cordless Drills because they are easy for me to handle. I have very tiny hands and wrists you see. I suggest a 1/2 inch drill as that can hold just about any size bit you might need unless you make sure to buy bits with a smaller shank then 3/8 inch would be fine. I also suggest buying an extra battery because if one runs down, you will always have one charged up to replace it. Many folks will tell you to get a hammer drill, but I have never had to buy another drill just for the purpose of drilling into concrete. As long as my bits (Masonry Bit ) are sharp, my cordless drill does just fine. You'll need to use Masonry Drill Bits to drill into any concrete or glass if your careful. Drill very slowly, and squirt water into the spot every once in awhile to keep your bit from over heating and becoming dull. Drill brands I like are, Makita, Skill, Ryobi , Porter Cable , Craftsman. I don't like Black and Decker brands anymore. They lost my support when they lowered their customer satisfaction and service.

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