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voam asked I want to start developing my own photos, what do I need?

I need to understand some of the basics, what camera and film do I use? What equipment do I need for a dark room? The chemical development agents needed to complete the reaction. If anyone could recommend a website or a book or personal experience it would be a great help.

And got the following answer:

If you just want to develop film (then scan it to a digital image) then you won't need a darkroom. You just need somewhere dark like a closet (or a film 'changing bag') to transfer the exposed film to a reel. Once the reel + film is in the developing tank, then the rest can be done in daylight. If you want to make prints from your negatives, you'll need a darkroom and an enlarger too which is more complicated. Black & white 35mm film is the easiest to do as it requires less rigorous temperature control and less chemicals. You can get C41 colour film too (which is processed the same way as B&W). All you really need is a tank & reel (about £20) some developer (about £7 per litre and you dilute it anyway) and some fixer (same sort of cost as developer & gets diluted too). There are other chemicals like 'stop' baths but a good rinse in water will do. Here is a downloadable 'How to process your first B&W film' from Ilford; http://www.ilfordphoto.com/applications/page.asp?n=31 Film can be purchased online and 35mm SLR camera's are easy to find on eBay. I'd recommend gettting something like a Nikon FM2 or a Canon AE-1 which are good reliable models & full manual control.

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