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sum142121 asked What is the difference or similarity between a DC-DC Converter and a Voltage regulator?

Are they the same thing? I know that dc-dc- converter can raise/lower the voltage accordingly. But what about the voltage regulator ? What does that do in accordance with the DC-DC Converter?

And got the following answer:

A voltage regulator is strictly a DC device. Look at it as a variable resistor in series with the input voltage. A feedback loop adjusts the resistance (actually a power transistor) so that the output voltage is maintained at the desired value. A voltage regulator can only lower the voltage, and it needs about 3 volts across it to operate. The input current is equal to the output current, and the reduced voltage is lost as heat. A DC-DC converter is more complicated. Basically the input DC voltage is converted to AC then sent to a transformer or choke to be changed to a higher or lower voltage, which is then rectified and filtered to produce the output DC voltage. A feedback loop controls the input chopper to adjust the output voltage to the desired value. DC-DC converter is much more expensive than a linear regulator, but much more efficient. It can convert, for example, 15 volts at 1 amp to 5 volts at 3 amps (or 2.7 amps for 10% losses) whereas a linear regulator can output only 5 volts at 1 amp. The DC-DC converter can also step up the voltage and provide isolation, neither of which the linear regulator can do. .

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