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L asked How can I determine the polarity of a power adapter?

I need to obtain a new power adapter for an external hard drive. I have the AC cord but i need the DC to AC adapter. The company won't sell me one and Radioshack needs to know the polarity of the power input on the hard drive to make me a new power adapter. It is not printed on the product, it only says DC 12. http://www.simpleshare.com/images/sharin... The power input is the lowest port on the picture.

And got the following answer:

Try putting an ohmmeter across the input. If you get a reading with the positive lead in the center and negative lead on the outer conductor, then it should be a + center, - outer, if the drive is diode protected. Use the higher range of the ohmmeter or a high impedence DVM. The reverse will be true. BTW, your link gave me a NOT FOUND result.

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