dewalt 12v cordless drill for sale

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Rod S asked what is a good battery operated drill and battery type?

I don't need the Cadillac drill but every one I have purchased in the past the battery life was terrible even for Misc. use around the house. Now I have a Dewalt that the battery's cost more than drill it self. I heard the Ni Cad is the best battery but what volt is the best and what brand should I look at.

And got the following answer:

ask yourself..... Do I really need a cordless drill? Will I be working in areas where no outlet is available?... I am a tradesman and although i have a cordless drill I much more prefer a corded drill. The task of using an extension cord and plugging it in is a minimal task. You get more power and never have to change or replace batteries. My cordless dewalt 12V cost me $200.... my dewalt corded with hammer drill was $99, is variable speed and has WAY more torque.....

There was an error connecting to the Amazon web service, or no results were found for your query.

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