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Soeasy1 asked Does anyone know the amperage of dewalt's 12v drill motor?

I'm planning on using these in a robot, but i need to know how much current they draw. Dewalt, for some reason, doesn't want anyone to know the specs of their motors, even though they're very common in robots. Stall amps, nominal amps, anything will help. a similar dewalt motor, but 24v, is rated at 190A stall, and the 36v hammerdrill motor is 1hp

And got the following answer:

The drills can't be much over 1/4 HP -- probably more like 1/6 HP, so that's about 10 Amps under full load. But, since it's an educated guess based on similar corded drills, the load current could be 50% to 100% higher (but I doubt it). NiCd and NiMH 'D' cells aren't good for much more than 10 Amps, unless the battery pack has series/parallel batteries. If you design your H-bridge MOSFET switching circuits for 25 Amps there should be plenty of headroom. . .

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