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SupperHippie asked What is the best way to clean the armature on an angle grinder(DeWalt)?

How do you tell if the brushes are bad and where is the best place to get parts?

And got the following answer:

I assume you mean the commutator part of the armature. Anyway, first go to McMaster-Carr's website and order part # 5951T11. Disassemble the grinder, then remove the commutator end bearing if it didn't stay in the housing.Use compressed air to blow the dust out of the armature windings and the commutator grooves. Then clean the commutator surface with a non-petroleum based solvent tike BrakeClean. Then chuck it up in a drill press from the commutator end ( assuming you don't have a lathe ), then follow the directions that come with the cleaning kit. Pay close attention to the segment grooves when cleaning up to be cure that there's nothing packed in them from the re-surfacing . Then re-assemble with NEW brushes. That's the best way. Good luck.

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