digital freezer temperature controller

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Jueses asked What equipment to make hard ice cream?

And got the following answer:

First is to prepare for ice cream equipment. Hard ice cream machine have desktop and vertical two, all as a whole stainless steel shell, can automatic the material and electronic digital time controller, according to different raw material choose different time of refrigeration, air cooled system or water cooling system to choose from. And then after the completion of the ice cream and the mechanisms to pick out ice cream, add to the rapid frozen ark inside. The rapid frozen ark the function of the one is make ice cream quick frozen sclerosis, avoid to produce more ice crystals. Quick freezer ark and ordinary ice distinguishes between the frozen ark can rapidly in half an hour in which make temperature reaches-30 degrees, will pass the quick freezer good ice cream into the ice cream display ark, thus completing the hard ice cream production process. The last step is to the ice cream into hard cake display ark, cake to reveal ark plate number six to 20, the size of the plate for, use glass windowpanes, refrigeration, defrost, bright light 3 big functions, temperature controller, may itself in the temperature range to adjust temperature size. Related links:

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