digital pid controller

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Sachin A asked does anyone knows how to design anti windup circuit for PID controller ?

Please inform me why we need antiwindup? how it protects from winding up? how to design it for PID controller? can anyone provide sample Circuit ?

And got the following answer:

Anti windup is basically a stop to the Integral action output of a PID controller. A PID controller works off the error signal, i.e., difference between a set point and a process variable. As long as there is an error signal, the controller integral action will keep increasing over time to try to correct the error. It could put out a signal which is many times larger than the control element full output. When the error finally reverses, it could take integral action a long time to "unwind". As for a sample circuit, a simple "clipper", will do. Actually windup is mostly a problem of digital controllers, since they keep increasing numerically for ever. By simply setting a limit to the output of the integrator, the problem will be solved. This is done during the controller tuning phase. .

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