digital pid temperature controller

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Cleo asked can I buy a Solid State Relay at a store?

I am building a digital kiln controller and I would like to buy the parts at a store rather than ordering them online (if possible) I live in Canada BC I am also looking for a PID Temperature Controller w/ Ramp/soak, Kiln (SSR Output) and a K type high temperature thermocouple. If anyone can help thank you very much!!

And got the following answer:

you should have local electrical supplier that will be able to sell you one. you need to come up with specs or part number. for example some global Canadian supplier (which I use all the time here in Ontario) are: etc. they all also happen to have branches in BC. i see no problem ordering them online too, big chains like Newark, DigiKey and Mouser will have some SSRs in stock. fastest way to find them is using crawler like Octoparts:

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