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Mike asked Jackson's chameleon temperature?

So I have a relatively new Jackson's chameleon and I cant seem to get it under 90 degrees (thermometer is near the bulb in the corner in a basking area so its usually 80-90 degrees in that corner) and i changed the lightbulb to a lower wattage, kept my night bulb at the same 75 watt and put my night one to 60 watt and that helped, i had a 100 watt that was closing in on 100 degrees which i believe is way too hot but i have no idea how to get it to 60 degrees at night. is 80 during the night and a little over that during the day ok? remember this is right by the bulb i dont know the temperature of the rest of the tank...should i get a 2nd thermometer?

And got the following answer:

is your thermometer digital? classic thermometers only measure surface temperature, but what you want is ambient temperature which only a digital thermometer can tell you. first off, no lights at night. period. the jackson's chameleon is a cool temperature, humidity loving species, and if your getting temps that high, theres no way theres enough humidity :/ the average house at night has temps that can range from 50-80 degrees depending on area, but you want lower than 60, so no lights at night! they do not need them and they can do more harm than good. deff lower the wattage of the bulbs you have during the day. right now i have a 45 watt household bulb in a dome lamp during the day, and nothing at night. the perfect temps for a jacksons is a range from 80 ish reaching 60ish towards the bottom of the cage with a basking spot of no more than 85. anything over 85 for long period of time will slowly kill your chameleon because they cannot digest their food properly. what do you keep it in? tanks are a big no no unless they have adequate ventilation, and just a screen lid is deff not enough. screen cages are preferred and the temps and humidity can easily be controlled by simple add ons like a shower curtain to maintain humidity if the room is dry, or nothing if the cage gets too hot.. also, the basking spot is considered the highest object the chameleon can sit and bask on, so you could simply lower your basking area if it is too close to the bulb. also keep an eye out for burns, if the chameleon gets too close to the bulb, burns can result. feel free to email me

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