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Dawn asked 10 gallon saltwater aquarium?

I have a 10 gallon aquarium. Is it possible to have a saltwater tank? What would I need and what can I put in there? I like live rock and clown fish? Give me lots of info. Also experienced fish keeper. 115 gallon discus tank. I wish I could upgrade my tank by my hubby said no more tanks. So that's is why I want a saltwater in a 10 gallon.

And got the following answer:

Yes it is possible.. but for your first saltwater tank I would go a little larger. The reason being that salinity and temperature swings in a smaller are a much greater problem. And to be honest the tank can be one of the cheapest parts to a marine tank. I suggest you go a bit larger. Maybe 30 gal. you will be able to keep more fish and coral. In a 10gal you can maybe keep one small goby or one blenny depending on the species. I wouldn't keep a clownfish in a tank that small. Maybe a clown goby. There are several ways to set up a saltwater tank. And everyone has their opinions. This is all just one way it can work. At this stage I would research All in one nano tanks, sumps and refugiums. Having one of these helps a great deal. A good quality skimmer (I like and know Tunze) and/or cheato with a light to reduce nitrates between water changes. A RODI unit or access to RODI water. fresh water for water top offs and salt water for water changes. DON'T use tap water. For live rock "X" lbs for "X" gallons (ex: 10 lbs for 10 gallons) Same with sand. You will get this when your tank is ready to go. powerheads are a must to circulate water. Without your powerheads or some way to circulate the water your nitrates will go up. So be prepared when the power goes out with some kind of back up plan. At the very least some battery powered air pumps. Test Kits to test your waters chemistry and be able to tell when your cycle is done. You also should really consider getting an ATO (auto top off unit) if you are going to have any nano Especially a 10Gallon. They are really great! Lights- this depends on what you want to keep. For coral you will be looking at T-5s vs Metal Halides vs LED's vs PC's and you will want to have these on a timer to simulate daylight/night time. Heater (possibly hooked up to a controller.. They can fail) 2 Cheap Digital Thermometers (never trust only one) 2 Hydrometers for measuring salinity (never trust only one) or get 1 refractometer carbon and GFO -or- Chemipure Elite and some filter floss 🙂 This list is a lot of stuff.. its a lot to think about .. but start researching these things if you are serious about starting a tank. Its not that hard once you understand these things. Ask around at local fish stores as well but don't buy anything without researching it online first so bring a pen and paper. Sometimes you might find great deals on craigslist as a starting point if you want to save money because things can get expensive.

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