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My Avatar Is Beautiful asked What's the longest your HDD ever lasted?

I have a recertified WD Raptor hdd that is 6 years old that I am currently using for Vista 64. I have never had problem with it but I know that I probably should any day now. My recertified WD RAPTOR 75gb drive has now lasted 6 years. I think that's insane because I have put it through hell. It scores a 5.7 in Vista Aero and I have had it in 3 computers. But I did buy another recertified one and it seems to be a POS. How bout you?? Yeah those old ide's run a good while. I have a few 320gb wd sata's. I only buy WD now and have only had this problem with the recertified raptor. I will definitely check out that program! I have a 320gb blue caviar drive that scores a 5.9 on Aero, pretty good. The Ashampoo HDD control program worked great! According to it, my 6 year old raptor is excellent and so are the others. The crapped out one was reported as critical and it told me to back it up immediately then the entire drive just quit working. POS for sure. My case is large so my drives are cool, pretty cool in the summer, never above 35c thats for sure. Yeah I'm very careful with my computer parts. The only parts that usually go bad for me is the ram and psu but theres no dodging that.

And got the following answer:

That is the FACE on Mars...interestingly enough. I have some older IDE drives I am still using, mainly Western Digital and they are upwards of 8 years old. I have seen some hard disks survive for 10 years. Most hard drives used to have a 5 year warrenty, but then, most manufacturers backed off to 3 years. I think Western Digital still has a 5er, Seagate and the others are a 3 year. The mean time to failure rate (MTF as it is called) was calculated at 40,000 operating hours or 4.5662 years which falls within the 5 year warrenty. But hard disks that are warrented for 3 years have an MFT of 26,280 operating hours. The key to the life expectancy is the quality of the ball bearings used to rotate the HD platters, the operating temperature, the life expectancy of the IC chips in the controller and the electrical stability of the entire computer system. Also, if the heads reading the platter in any way touch the platter, it can ruin the platters. We are talking about severely shaking or jarring the hard disks to make this happen. So given that the mean operating temperature of the computer is relatively constant at about room temperature, the computer is not shaken or jarred or moved much, the quality of the ball bearings and the IC chips are HIGH, you probably will get a few extended years use out of them. If you start increasing the operating temps, subject the computer to movement and jarring and shaking, you have a good chance of getting a failure around the time of the warrenty period.

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