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Obaid Mir asked how to make a temperature sensor without using micro controllers?

hey.. i am building a temperature sensor what should i do after i have converted the analogue input from lm35 to digital using adc0804... which ic should i now use to convert the binary output from adc0804 to decimal in order to get the output on a 7-segment display? i have few days left any suggestions?

And got the following answer:

I'll assume you're using the design from page 8 of the LM35 datasheet. I've seen this kind of thing done with an EEPROM which acts as a bit remapper. The 8 bits from the ADC feed the address lines of the EEPROM. Each value in the range of the ADC maps to an address in the EEPROM. The contents of the addresses are the BCD bits to drive three 7 segment decoder/drivers like SN7447. If the ADC is outputting 8 bits corresponding to 23 degrees C the EEPROM will remap the bits so the lowest 4 bits control the least significant digit, outputting 0011 (3), the second set of 4 bits outputs a 0010 (2) and the last set of 4 bits outputs 0000 (0). Leading zero blanking could be done but would increase complexity so I'll avoid it. I imagine there are other ways of doing it without a uC but this is the first thing I've seen that came to mind. See the Arlabs link for EEPROM info.

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