digital temperature display

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karen asked How do you clean the contacts on a digital camera?

My digital camera sounds like it will turn on, but immediately powers down. I think I need to clean the contacts. I have bought new batteries and that doesn't help.

And got the following answer:

For complete instructions on cleaning camera and battery electrical contacts, click this link. Camera reports batteries low, but is it low charge or bad electrical contacts? Overcharging can ruin good batteries! The secret to making digital cameras work better is having good electrical contacts between batteries and camera. Digital cameras require lots of power. Bad electrical contacts can cause lots of problems so battery and camera contacts must be cleaned properly. Batteries may be fully charged, but will be viewed as low if contacts are not really good. The LCD screen is a low steady load, but when lens extension, optical zoom, focus, and flash charging are added in the capture mode; the load is very heavy. Bad contacts make cameras do strange things like making bad pictures or shutting off with the lens out. CAUTION Do not overcharge! Batteries can be severely damaged. Use an automatic two or more hour Energizer Compact smart charger with safety timer, temperature monitor, and trickle charge technology ($9.76) at Walmart. For longer life, use Duracell 2000mAh batteries and a full cycle charge monthly. Ray O Vac 2100mAh batteries are half the price and may do just as well, but have not tried them. To preserve battery charge, use the view finder and not the LCD screen when possible. Never touch battery ends or camera electrical contacts. Oil from fingers will contaminate contacts. Use batteries in matched pairs of same brand and rating. Do not mix old and new batteries. New will only do as well as old. NiMH batteries should be recharged before using in digital cameras after two weeks. Old batteries can discharge over night, but may provide near normal service immediately after being charged. Battery pairs no longer usable in cameras may work well in flashlights. Do not drop batteries on a hard surface or allow voltage below one volt as this could result in polarity reversal. Digital cameras reset to original settings if batteries are removed for one minute. Time varies with function/camera. Check display/setup menu for non-auto functions and date/time. Remove extra memory to eliminate this as a possible problem. Insert fully charged/cleaned batteries and restart camera. The ultimate non-physical repair for software-using devices is reset by removing power ... VCR/DVD players one month. Click this link for other camera tips and help with making digital cameras work better.

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