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Makhammad asked How can I make my led light a blinker for my car?

Ok so I drive a 2007 honda accord and I like my taillights they are led or something similar but my blinker is a regular bulb. I was wondering if I could buy an led light strip from autozone and make blinker. I don't know how I can connect it to the blinker slot. I also wanted to know how I can spray the strip yellow in the color of the blinker an how I can glue it or stick it somewhere on the taillight.

And got the following answer:

That is a waste of time. Whatever the bulb is (say, an 1157) just go to Ebay, put that number in the search box, add "LED" (and the proper color for your application, the LED color must match the lens color, red LED for red lens, etc) "SMD" (these are the flat LED's, they put off much better light) and once you get results, sort by price + shipping. You can get tail light bulbs shipped to you for under $5. You want ones that use SMD's mounted at all angles (up, down, left, right, plus straight out) otherwise they will appear dim, be less effective than regular bulbs, and look stupid.

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