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asked What sort of gauge wire should I use for between a LED strip controller and a 12v 5amp power source?

Also can you split 12v (black and red) into two different lines so they each run through a 12v on/off switch, each to led strip lights. So I can control each strip with a switch? What do I use to split the wires?

And got the following answer:

The current drawn by LED strip is quite small, so almost any automotive supplier will sell you wire 0.5 amp rating upwards is fine, in practice it will probably be 2 amp since that is about smallest you are likely to come across. Yes you can split it, but if you want to switch the strips individually you will either need ONE single pole, double throw centre off switch, with the centre contact connected to the supply and each of the other terminals connected to the respective strips. This allows EITHER one or other to be on. OR If you want to turn either all off one off or both on, you will need TWO single pole single throw switches. Take the 'split' 12 volts red lead to the one pin on each, and connect each strip to the other contact. Obviously you need to split the black wire to feed each 0volt/negative terminal on the strips Hope that makes sense.

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