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Oladimeji Semiu asked How can i calculate 3000va inverter with 200A battery? My load is 2500w?

And got the following answer:

The battery is NOT 200 amps, it is probably 200 amp-hour, which is the storage capacity. But you should check. Also assuming this is a 12 volt battery, and the inverter runs at 90% efficiency. That means the battery has to supply 2500 watts / 0.9 = 2780 watts. At 12 volts, that is a current of 2780/12 = 230 amps 200 amp-hours / 230 amps = 0.86 hours or 52 minutes. However, lead acid batteries cannot be totally drained without damage, plus the amp-hour rating goes down at higher currents. I would not count on more than 30 minutes.

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