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Richard B asked what kind of battery should i use with a 5000 watt power inverter?

i am looking at a power inverter with a peak wattage of 5000 and need to know what marine battery to use. should it be a starting battery? unsure. going to batteries plus later but trying to figure out sooner. thanks

And got the following answer:

you have to decide how long this has to operate on battery power, and what the average power is. 5kW is a lot of power. For a 12 volt battery, that is about 500 amps. Peak power doesn't help. For example, if average power is 2000 watts and you want it to operate for 4 hours, then that is 2000*4 = 8000 watt-hours. allow for losses and that is 10000 watt-hours if you plan on a 12 volt battery, that is 10000 / 12 = 833 amp-hours, which is about 11 80 amp hour batteries in parallel. At that level you should get a 24 volt inverter (or perhaps 48 v) and wire the batteries in series parallel. BUT perhaps you need less power for less time. Say 1000 watts for 1 hour. That is, with losses, about 1200 watt-hour, or 100 amp hour for the battery, and one large battery will do. Be sure to get deep discharge marine batteries, not auto batteries, as the latter don't work well in situations where they are discharged frequently. .

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