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Tina Jay asked Installing LED light strips in my Ford?

Alright, so I bought Pilot Automotive brand 12 Volt FLEX-LITE LED light strips and I'm going to install them myself in the driver side and passenger side foot wells. The instructions say I need to attach the black wire to a chassis ground (which someone was saying was any bare metal bolt/screw in the car, is that right?).Then I need to attach the black wire with the white stripe to a power source but I'm not sure what EXACTLY I'm looking for. (I drive a '95 Ford Taurus GL by the way). I know about my fuse box and everything, I guess my main question is: will I need to buy a fuse tap that I attach the wires to so they go directly into the fuse box or is there a way to do it without one? If I DO need a fuse tap, the one I found it says is for "up to" 32 volts, can I use that and my lights still work? Please help! Oh by the way, I want the LEDs to come on when I start my car. I feel really helpless lol.

And got the following answer:

First of all, yes, chassis ground in a car / truck / van is usually any bolt, screw, etc. that seats firmly into the metal of the body or frame. There are a couple of tricks to that pony though. Any screw, bolt, etc. that isn't painted / rusted / corroded / plain gross beyond recognition. Bright and shiny or at least clean is good to great. Secondly, not all screws and / or bolts will work if they don't directly hold the wire terminal or bare wire against metal tightly. For instance, a screw holding a plastic trim panel may not make adequate ground unless the terminal ring is seated around the screw beneath the panel so it is pressed firmly into the metal beneath. Getting a good ground will depend on bare metal to bare metal and a certain surface area, not just the one side of the screw head touching it lightly. On the fuse panel, there should be a threaded stud with a nut on it that is labeled accessory post, accessory terminal or just accessory. This may be spelled out, numbered to a reference sheet or diagram or abbreviated in some odd manner. It amounts to the same thing, a sign saying "Here is 12 V DC available for use with accessories when the ignition is in the run or accessory position!". That is where I would attach the LED strips + 12 V DC wire (black w/ white stripe). PLEASE NOTE: not all accessory terminals are fuse protected, so check the owner's manual or online for maximum allowable amperage and / or fuse rating. If no fuse exists in the terminal, then buy and use an appropriately sized inline fuse holder. They are a lot cheaper than replacing the car that burnt up because of LED strips shorted by rain, snow, wear or overload.

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