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Sharon asked How long does a cordless drill stay charged?

When you use your cordless drill, how long before you need to recharge it?

And got the following answer:

Very wide range of answers for this one, 1) is it 12, 14.4, 18 volt? 2) Old, new? 3)Cheap brand, expensive? 4) Frequently or rarely used? 5) Lithium ion battery? 6) Are you drilling or screwing? All these q's play a role, light use should be around 10-15 mins (actual working time) for a cheap med (14 volt) new drlll (non lithium ion). if your only getting a couple mins your battery is probably kaput, if its a lithium ion battery, charge it 3 or 4 times before use and it should recharge fully, Throw me a bit more info and I'll be able to answer more accurately

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