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Dylan W asked c6 cyrstal style christmas lights?

my mom has a christmas tree that is prelit with c6 christmas lights not the led ones. i want a tree like it but she wont let me take it urggg. but anyways i have looked everywhere and cant find a single one. they are all led ones and i dont want the led one. Is there anyone out there that knows where i can find one?

And got the following answer:

Don't get a pre-lit tree. I have a $175 one in the basement with half it's #I@()#@ lights out. And my other smaller tree has the midsection out this year - despite it working fine last year. Before I put it away this cut I'm removing/cutting away all the lights and putting my own lights on it next year. Just buy a nice artificial tree and then buy the C6 bulbs. Note the C6/C7/C9 bulbs use a LOTS of energy. Far better off to get the C6/C7 STYLE LED lights. They look similar and use a tiny bit of energy. Here's some edit: Maddie - the minimum age to be on this site is 13 and "idk" is NOT an answer. You've been reported.

There was an error connecting to the Amazon web service, or no results were found for your query.

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