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lotf629 asked Why am I breaking so many screws as I am trying to drill them into my wall?

I just need to put up some blinds from Ikea. I live in Boston and the moldings (mouldings?) in this apartment are old hardwood. The walls are plaster. I have a hard time hanging anything. I just spent forty-five minutes trying to get six screws into the window moldings. Three of the screws broke. One was stripped. The others went in, but took forever. I am using an inexpensive cordless drill from Black and Decker. I tried changing the bit (both a larger and a smaller one): no luck. What is going on?? Is my drill too cheap? Is the wood too hard? I asked the man at the hardware store today, and he said that as long as it wasn't metal (it's definitiely wood), the screw "should go right in." I haven't used power tools since I used to build sets in high school, but I don't remember having this much trouble with such a basic project. Help!!

And got the following answer:

My ex husband was having the same trouble you were going through, hanging a shelving unit in our apartment. The wall in that case was masonry brick. Were you using the right kind of drill bit? If you're absolutely sure of this, you may try checking to see if you had it drilling IN, instead of drilling OUT. This was my ex's problem. All that time of grunting over the thing, and it turned out he had it screwing in the wrong direction. It's just a matter of flipping a little switch.

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