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hellraising_spyke asked How do I properly cut stone slab with a diamond tip hole saw?

Could I effectively use the "template method" by clamping a board with a hole in it to the slab to eliminate inaccuracy? I know a drill press would be the way to go, but I'm short on cash at the moment. All I have for a drill is a cordless power drill.

And got the following answer:

People were cutting stone slabs for thousands of years before we had electricity so it really isn't that hard if you want to get the job done. Place a slab face down nice and level - preferably in sand- and score a line across the back about 1 or 2 mm. Then turn it over and do the same on the front. Repeat the process and you will find that it will break evenly after you have done it a few times. The key to success is to take you time and don't hit too hard. Use a club hammer and a bolster (wide chisel) to get the job done. Good luck

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