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oscar asked i need to know if i have to use exact dc voltage power supply for coaxial signal booster?

Coaxial siganl amplifier calls for 12v dc, 200 ma. Can i get away with not using an exact match power supply? And if so, can it go up in voltage or down? Same with amps?

And got the following answer:

Hi Oscar - You will need to get the EXACT VOLTAGE (12VDC in this case) the CAT Amplifier requires. However, You can get a different AMP rating, although it MUST BE AT LEAST 200mA. Anything higher will have no adverse affects on the amplifier as the device will only use what it needs to use for AMPs. Running a higher voltage power supply will damage the CATV Amp, a lower voltage will cause the device to either not work at all, or work but at a weaker level than it it was designed. The bottom line to remember is this: You must ALWAYS match the recommended VOLTAGE. The Amperage (AMPs or MilliAmps) can be a factor as long as you are using the MINIMUM as required by the device specs. Hope that helps.

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