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theeshusher asked Do higher voltage cordless drills run longer on a single charge?

I have a 6 volt Black and Decker. It doesn't seem to run too long before it needs re-charging again. Any brand recommendations?

And got the following answer:

Yes, more voltage will give you longer run time as well as more power. If an 18v isn't too heavy for you to handle easily, that's a good size. You generally get what you pay for with cordless drills. I'm guessing you probably don't need professional grade stuff, so go with B &D again or maybe Ryobi. Don't buy some bargain off-brand. Lithium batteries are good, and lighter than nicads for the same voltage. Get an extra battery while you're at it and you'll be good for almost anything around the house. Go see what there is in your local stores, and don't get carried away buying a kit full of stuff you'll never use like a flashlight and radio. I've been using B & D for a long time for light professional use and it's been fine though many will say it isn't so good. It also doesn't cost like DeWalt or Porter Cable.

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