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Jonathan asked Can a electric generator handle a powered PA speaker?

I am looking to buy the ETQ IN1000I 1000W generator to turn on my powered JBL PRX512M (1000W) speaker so I can play loud music at the beach. I was wondering if the generator would be able to move the speaker at its peak without facing damage. Here ar the URLs for the generator and the speaker I have just in case you need more specifications: Generator: Speaker:

And got the following answer:

The speaker draws 500 watts continuous with 1000 watt peaks, and the generator's maximum output is 1000 watts. I'd say it will probably be okay, although if you push the amp (speaker) to the limit, you'd also be pushing the generator to the limit. But I'd be concerned about the generator's engine. One, it has a 2-cycle engine, which isn't legal in every jurisdiction due to the heavy smoke from it's exhaust (natural with 2-cycle). Plus, if you're not familiar with 2 cycle engines, they require a careful mix of 2-cycle oil with the gasoline. You don't just gas it up and start it. Also, it's a no-name brand -- not exactly a Honda, which you could trust implicitly (and which would be a 4 cycle engine). A no-name brand from eBay? I'd have a lot of concerns about such a purchase.

There was an error connecting to the Amazon web service, or no results were found for your query.

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