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Toolsen asked What is the difference between diamond drill bits, hss drill bits, cobalt drill bits, etc?

I went to a store looking for some basic twist drill bits (someone told me to get them), and there are all these types, and I'm totally confused now.

And got the following answer:

The material you use depends on the surface you are drilling. The price increases as the bits' material gets harder and more heat resistant. The cheapest is Low Carbon Steel drill bits. Those are only for softwood, and they dull fast nevertheless. Slightly better option is High Carbon Steel. HSS, which stands for High Speed Steel drill bits are a significant improvement and can be used on hardwood and metals. They are the ones most commonly used in household projects. Titanium Coated Drill Bits are more expensive and are significantly harder, since the coating is a hard ceramic material. Then there are Carbide Tipped Drill Bits. These are extremely hard, and don’t heat as fast, but on the con side they are brittle and could chip. Cobalt bits are most commonly used for stainless steel. Diamond Drill Bits are in a league of their own. They contain diamond particles which makes them the hardest. Unlike other material, diamond drill bits grind as opposed to cutting through. They are used on glass, ceramics, stones, etc… There are many charts online that outline material’s specifics. Here is one example: Hope this helps. Good luck.

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