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joshleblanc2000 asked Help with watts and amps math.Will a 800 watt generator be sufficient for my needs?

Have a generac 800 watt inverter generator. Wanting to run.... Samsung Refer 3.7 amps startup @ 120VAC = 444watts 40 watt Table Fan. 2 CFL Lamps@ 11watts 120VAC Max Load @120 Volts looks like 506 watts max load. Am I missing anything?

And got the following answer:

If it is true the Samsung refigerator uses only 444 watts. It is hard to believe a refigerator would only use 3.7 amps at start up. Even it it does that is only momentarily and will drop in under a second. Power's law states that wattage = current x voltage. In you case 444w/120v = 3.7 amps. If it is itrue its o.k..

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