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confused asked kawasaki and black & decker 18v cordless drill?

I got 2 drills for Christmas, Kawasaki 18v and black & decker cordless drill but don't know which one to keep? please help.

And got the following answer:

consumer reports doesn't rate 18v black & decker models very high (25 and 26 out of 32) but unfortunately they don't rate kawasakis at all. so if you put any weight into their ratings, it would be hard for the kawasaki to be any worse overall. but it depends how you're going to use it. if you're a typical homeowner and only going to have occasional use for it, either one is probably fine. in that case, all things being equal with regards to weight, comfort and ease of use, etc., then choose the one that comes with more batteries because they're more likely to go bad than the drill itself. if you're going to be using it constantly day to day, return both and get a dewalt or porter cable!

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