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h.ars_h asked Can you help me for my car audio?

I am having the following car audio products:- 1. Pioneer Subwoofer (TS-W306C) 2. Pioneer speakers 460W 3.Alpine V12 4channel Amp 5400W(MRV-F806) Right now i m running them on my inverter battery in my home. But the sound of speakers with woofer are not as good as they were in car. And when woofer is a little louder, the light on amp dims out with beats. And also the speakers produce fizz volume Is there some better way to supply power to amp? in my country the power supply is 240V 50hz

And got the following answer:

you need a good power supply one that produces enogh power for the amp.. here is one that produces 40 amps... compare that to the fuses on the amp to see if it is enough.. You could also buy a seperate amp designed for a sub and in home use, it will likely be a better deal. not sure where to get one for your country, but here is a example of what i would get here.

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