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Sohail Khan asked Can i operate an Air Conditioner, 2 Fans, 2 tube lights, 1 fax machine from an Invertor.?

We are having a store in a far off place here in UAE (United Arab Emirates) where we are using generators to run our Air Cond. and other electrical appliances but its costing us too much because of the deisel. so is it possible to run these appliances by an INVERTOR. if yes then what kind and capicty of Invertor we need? and how much backup time normal these inverters can give?

And got the following answer:

I assume you are talking about an invertor that changes 12VDC to 120VAC, rather than a CONVERTOR that changes 240VAC to 120VAC. First of all, you would need a very powerful invertor to be able to handle that kind of power drain. Add up the wattage ratings of all the devices you want to connect to the invertor, add 25% to handle surges, and you have the total power requirement of the invertor. We are talking a lot of power! I am guessing you would be supplying 11 amps per A/C, plus about another 10 amps for the fans, lights and fax machine. So you would need a good 35 amps to be comfortably secure at my estimate. Multiply the 35 amps by 120V to get the total power of 4200 watts. This is a LOT of power to try to get from any invertor. Even if you could find one this powerful, consider the battery you would need to supply this kind of power; 4200 wats at 12VDC would mean at least (assuming 100% power conversion, which is not achievable) 350 amps. A single car battery could supply this current for about one or two minutes. You would need a pallet full of batteries to supply enough current to run the store for an hour. You'd also need a heft cable to supply this much current on a continuous basis. There is also a danger of the batteries overheating, as car batteries were never mean to supply this kind of current for more than a few seconds at a time. That much current over more than the few seconds it takes to start a car would cause significant heat build up that could cause battery failure; the case could rupture and spew caustic chemicals. And how would you charge up those batteries? I'm guessing a diesel generator. Add in more conversion losses, and you'd be spending MORE on fuel for the generator than if you just used the generator to run the appliances directly.

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