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moose burger asked what is an easy way to put LED lights on 360 controller?

hi i tried to put some led lights on my xbox 360 controller, but it was to hard to put the very tiny light on right.i am trying to place the lights on the guide button. is their some tool that will make it easy.any help will be much appreciated!

And got the following answer:

It's just better to make a cover that holds the led's. Cover the controller with wax and plumbers putty to prep for a coating of what comes next. You can painstakingly apply silicon over led's wired together, make a cast which is hard, or just dip the setup having the extra battery to power led's all into a rubber solution made to coat plyer handles. You get that from auto parts stores. It comes in blue and black usually. You might be able to dip silicon also, but that's tricky stuff. If you have to put them inside your controller, use a dremil tool and or a small drill to make the holes right, but don't glue them with anything tough, those led's go bad you know.

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