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Nick asked If the Uptown Theater in Philadelphia is closed, then why are the display lights still running?

There's the famous UpTown Theater on Broad St in Philadelphia, that opened in the 1920's, and has hosted many famous music performances from great artists. However, it was closed down and no longer in use. Despite the fact that its an abandoned building, how come the display lights that read 'UpTown Theater' are still shining at night? And who pays the electric bill for that?\ Thanks!

And got the following answer:

The Uptown Theater and Development Corporation is renovating the building, so I'm sure they're paying the electric bill. The marquee lights are on at night as they're running a campaign to change those lights to LED lights which use less electricity and cost less to run. They just had an 80th Anniversary this past weekend across the street as a fundraiser.

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