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amanda asked What plant for small aquarium and care?

I have a 1.5 gallon aquarium that I want to put a plant in. It's the biggest aquarium my landlord will let me have and I am lucky I even get to have it. I would rather give my fish a real plant than a plastic plant to swim around in. What kind of plant would do well? I have an LED light aquarium, which I obviously know is not great, it was my only option at the time. If there is a small plant grow light bulb that I can buy that would fit into a desk lamp and not be too bright for fish/people eyes I would rather use that, I just don't know what to get/where to get it. Also how can I get my plant its nutrients? Is there something I can add to the substrate or the water? Help me out guys! Also please don't make me feel bad for having a small aquarium! If I could, I would have a 20-30 g but I can't so I am just trying to make the best of it! Please keep negative comments to yourself because it doesn't help anyone.

And got the following answer:

I only have negative comments, but you've said you don't believe anything other than agreeing with you is "help". sorry about the landlord, they often make up these rules and don't really have any law to back them up.

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