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Maria Gallercia asked How does you and your family celebrate Hanukkah?

I want to learn everything I can to honor and celebrate Hanukkah each year. I want to teach my godchildren about Hanukkah as well. I would sincerely love to learn about this Jewish holiday and if there are any secular significance of the season like the secular significance of Christmas is shopping for gifts. I know gifts have something to do with it as well. Any homemade suggestions as well as suggestions that involve purchasing would be appreciated. Please enlightening me as much as you can (websites and all). I want to celebrate Hanukkah next year with my godchildren. Essentially, as implied, you could say its for educational purposes. Thank you in advance as I greatly appreciate it.

And got the following answer:

Christmas and Hanukkah are way diffrent people believe christ was born on christmas day but they are way wrong.. Hanukkah (years of reasearch) little history for ya. King Antiochus and the Syrians ruled over the land of Israel, the king tried to force the Jews to give up their religion, he seized the temple and put out the great seven branched menorah, but the jews led by Judah Maccabee fought back anf won a long battle against the wicked king. The jews cleaned the temple, they tried to light the lamp but there was only enough oil to light the lamp for one day a miracle happened and the oil lasted for eight days. Hanukkah is the festival of lights... Hanukkah Food you can try: Potao latkes, jelly donuts, matzo balls etc, you light the menorah one candle for each night there is 8 nights.usually we have a bid dinner on the first night of hanukkah and then give small gifts on the last night we get our kids one big present and read to them about hanukkah, There are alot of good books out there. I am not jewish but we celebrate all the jewish holidays.. Alot of the "christian" holidays are way to pagean and they have no clue what they are celebrating or why... You really need to research for yourself and see what you feel is right.

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