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Margaret asked my recessed lights go dim and back?

when my recessed lights are on they go dim like something is taking from the voltage in the house but I am not sure if this is a problem.

And got the following answer:

It sounds like you have a spooky problem as lights usually do not dim on their own. You didn't say if your light(s) are Filament, CFL, or LED so it makes it pretty hard to imagine what is going on. As a test, I would remove one of the lights and put into a regular table lamp and see what happens. If the light in question operates normally, the trouble is in the fixture. Have someone with a knowledge in electricity and power wiring inspect your installation for correct wiring & materials. As far is "taking from the voltage", when appliances with motors first start, there is a surge current for a short period of time until the motor comes up to full speed. It is normal to see momentarily change in light intensity but not for an extended period. If your lights dim and stay dim, there could be too many appliances and other devices on the same branch circuit. Again, have someone qualified check for proper wiring and distribution at the circuit breaker panel.

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