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Thomas Z asked Best Way to Repair Leaking Shower Flor/Pan?

I have a tile shower floor that is leaking. The floor/pan was built (not by me, but my brother-in-law) about 5 years ago using the liner, cement, etc. technique. While testing to determine where the leak is coming from I plugged the drain using a balloon and slowly pouring a couple buckets of water onto the floor. Within 15-20 minutes I had “recreated” the leak. I have the ceiling under the shower drain open because of this leak and I can see the water slowly dripping. The shower does NOT leak if I pour water directly down the drain, so it has to be the floor. My first thought is that I have to tear out the floor and part of the bottom of the wall so I can rebuild the pan. However, before I do that, I want your input on removing all of the grout and regrouting. Would this be a possible fix? Thanks in advance! I've decide to move forward so I removed the 2"x2" tiles from the floor along with (2) rows from the bottom of the wall (6" tiles). I also removed the mortar and cement from the floor leaving behind the liner/membrane which sits atop the concrete base which sits atop the subfloor. At this point my thought is to look into the heavy-duty shower pans. The shower is 32" x 32" with the drain in the center. If I go this route I am going to get a good pan, not one of the $99 ones you see in the cheaper showers. Any suggestions or comments on my thought process? Thanks for all of the comments thus far.

And got the following answer:

There really isn't a quick fix for tile shower pans. You kinda only have 2 good options. First you can take out all the tile and install a fiberglass shower. If you go this route And install it correctly you're probably never have another problem again. Don't buy a cheap fiberglass shower from Home Depot or a superstore like that go to a plumber supply store and get a thick fiberglass shower. Second if you like the tile shower you can stay with that too. Remove all the tile from the floor and the tile on the walls maybe about 12 inches up. Cut out and replace any damage to wood. At this point you have a decision to make. Do you want to shower to last 25 years or 50 years. If you want it to last 50 years then you need to have a custom made led shower pan Installed. Then you can hot mop with tar over the led shower pan and install your tile. Is 25 years is long enough for you then skip the led shower pan And just do the Tar hot mop. You can find someone to do the Tar hot mop under roofers in the yellow pages. You can find someone to make the lead pan under air conditioning ducting contractors in the yellow pages. Remember to choose your tile ahead of time before you break out the floor and walls. Sometimes it's hard to match the exact color so a lot of people just used to go with a light color. If you go with a fiberglass shower use a brass drain assembly Not the plastic ones they tend to crack. Also if you install a fiberglass shower make sure to put a Bed of Morter down before you set the Shower so the floor wont crack. If you go with the tile floor Use a cast iron Commercial floor drain for the shower drain. These allow the water to get out faster which leads to less problems down the road. Also sometimes getting a 1 piece fiberglass shower down hallways and through doors is a problem. keep this in mind when you are buying your shower. there are some good 2 piece shower kits out there and also 3 piece. I guess you do have a third option. You can install a fiberglass shower pan only. leave the tile on the walls and have a fiberglass floor. Use a bit of Morter under neath the fiberglass shower pan if you go this route. Also use a brass drain assembly. Good luck

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