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Jibadeaux Fox asked What is the cheapest way to record drums that is good enough quality to sell on the internet?

Okay Now My Oldest Bands people have been begging for studio work. So We'd like to sell some music. It's gotta be good quality. Whats the cheapest way to record drums to your computer?

And got the following answer:

Big room, one mic - like Led Zep used to record 😉 If you wanna record a full kit you need a few mics so you need and audio interface that'll take more than one mic at a time. Things like Digidesign's 002 or 003, anything like that. A full kit usually takes up 8 mics so you've got your audio interface then the 8 mics which are often a AKG D112 for kick, 2x SM57 for snare (above and below), 3x E604 clip on mics for toms and 2x condensers (like AKG C3000's) for cymbals. You can probably get away with not recording the hihats since the overhead mics will pick the sound up anyway. It also depends what kind of music you're making. If it's indie or lighter stuff then you literally can do it with one mic like I said. If it's heavier rock or metal you need to do it properly or it'll sound flat and for that you're looking at either a lot of money in equipment or booking out a studio for the day where they've already got the stuff set up. If you wanna do more recordings in the long run then I'd say invest but if you think drum tracks could be laid down in a day then book the studio out. There is also the drum sampling option which loses some of the natural sound of a proper kit but is practically free and easier to mix. Even professional bands have sampled kick drums, thats why bands like Slipknot never seem to lose pace 😉

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