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Gus asked Electrical engineering circuit designing?

Dear Yahoo Engineering Tech support, I have a Malibu Landscape low voltage transformer used for landscape lighting from Home Depot. The input is 120VAC 60Hz 1.7 amps. The output is 12VAC 200 watts. I also have Radio Shack Silicon full wave bridge rectifier 400V 25A. What I’m trying to accomplish with the full wave bridge rectifier 400V 25A is to convert the 12VAC to 12VDC and than reducing it to 1.5VDC so that I can utilize it to power several LED solar lights that operate on a one AA cell 1.5 volts. I need your assistance in designing a circuit schematic that will allow me to reduce the voltage and maintaining the amps. I sincerely appreciate in advance all your help. I look forward to hearing from you. Sincerely yours, Gus

And got the following answer:

Hi Gus. have a look at my pages on power supply design. Wire the LED lights in SERIES so they take more voltage - if you use 8 you wont need to drop the voltage. Use your transformer and rectifier, and add a SMALL smoothing capacitor just to reduce the ripple a little. Copacetic!

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