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dirtbiker78965 asked Which company is better? RIDGID, DeWalt, Milwaukee?

They are all good but i want to know which is the best. I love the warrenty on RIDGID, love the new milwaukee red lithium, love the durability and good news about DeWalt. Would get impact driver, light, drill, saw zaw. All 18v lithium ion. Used for plumbing. Need durability, lasting, power, warrenty. THANK YOU ALL HELP IS THANKED!!!

And got the following answer:

Many power tool companies are now owned by large conglomerates. This has recently (within the last 5 yrs.) happened to Ridgid,Milwaukee & DeWalt. Milwaukee is owned by a Chinese Company, DeWALT was recently aquired by Stanley Bostitch, and Ridgid Tools now has most of their tools being made in China. I prefer DeWALT. These 5 yr warranties you read about are for Factory Defects only - they are not full five year warranties that cover everything. Ask a salesperson but few can actually come up with the written warranty. Go ahead ask for one - DeWALT is the only one that will tell you up front what exactly the warranty is. Home Depot is the only source for the imported Ridgid tool line. This is an agreement they made thinking that the Ridgid name would boost Home Depot's edge over Lowes and other big box stores. Trouble is this new Ridgid line is almost entirely imported from china. Milwaukee has had big time battery problems. Which left many of the tool owners having to buy new batteries and chargers when they had their big battery problems. Now to get a milwaukee battery replaced under warranty, it must be sent to a factory service center and placed on a device that can tell how many times the battery has been charged and discharged. That means your battery warranty is pro-rated. This entire process can leave you without a battery for a couple weeks. DeWALT has a 2 year warranty from date of purchase on all XRP batteries. This is an over the counter warranty exchange if the battery tests bad. The new dewalt lithium Ion batteries will work fine in your older drill that came with the Ni-cad batteries. Huh - DeWALT is the only manufacturer that wanted to insure when you upgrade to Lithium Ion - you did not have to trash your older cordless tools. Anyway - see what answers you get on those 5 year warranties from Milwaukee and Ridgid. And oh yes - check on the nearest warranty service center for those tools. Many service centers will not work on Ridgid because parts are hard to get. I don't blame them. If Home Depot wants to be the only place to buy these imported Ridgid tools - then they need to have a stocked service center with switches,brushes,chucks,cords,armatures,fields in stock in the store. For my money - I have been more than happy with DeWALT. And with Stanley Bostitch buying DeWalt. It's owned by Americans.

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