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Jules G asked What are the advantages of Compress Air Optimization Using Frequency Inverter?

A brewery uses compressed air for its production processes. It employs a compressor driven by an AC motor to produce the required volume and pressure during production days (Monday to Friday). The power consumed by the compressor is just alright during peak load or high plant air demand. Now, during lean days (Saturday and Sunday) only about 20% of the total compressor capacity could be utilized by the plant with the same and only one high power compressor motor. The management wants to cut down operational expenses.

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You probably are talking about a screw compressor, which runs continuously. The frequency inverter would be a variable speed drive, I take it. So, when the load is low, it could run at a lower speed. The problem is that VSD (or VFD) are expensive and the kwh savings may not justify installing one. If it is just a regular compressed air installation, you could try installing larger receiver tanks, i.e., system volume, and try shutting down the compressor while the system pressure holds. IOW, let the compressor cycle. or, install a regular reciprocating compressor, which is designed to cycle. However, while the compressor is idle, the kwh load will be low, regardless. Finally, remember, management is always right, so, if management wants it, don´t argue. Nobody likes a wise ass, but management loves to look wise. -

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