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tmle27 asked What are the differences between temperature transmitter, indicator, and thermometer?

I am assuming the transmitter sends the signal to the controller for a temperature output for monitoring/controlling. Is the indicator the sensing element that the transmitter gets the signal from, or is it another word for thermometer that measures the temperature in the field and displays it? Finally, are all three necessary to provide the temperature signal back to the controller?

And got the following answer:

Assuming the controller is a PLC. The thermometer measures the temperature. The temperature transmitter converts the signal into a current 4-20mA and sends it back to a controller. The controller can then manipulate some outputs based upon the temperature input. The temperature indicator is a readout of the temperature and it can be in a number of places in the system. An output of the controller, connected to the transmitter or as a part of the transmitter. Hope this helps...

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