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Triana asked How do you hang fabric/blanket on a wall?

I have a green piece of fabric that I got as a DIY green screen and have been trying to shoot this video for my Youtube channel for over two weeks which bugs me because I post every Friday usually. It is called Trianasaurusrex at youtube dot com/trianasaurusrex if you want to check it out. ANYWAY (slightly ADD lol), I have no budget and want an easy way to hang a blanket on an exterior wall (for right now, it should be versatile in the future) with NO drilling or anything as it is an apartment building and not something I own. I want it to be portable and strong. I tried tape but it kept falling down, and it is certainly not logical if I plan to use it in the future to keep using so much tape. So bottom line is: basically no money, portable, no drilling. I was thinking about using clips to clip the corners and stick with gum, but gum seems impractical to use every time, unless there is a product like gum that is sticky and strong but is at the same time easy to remove. I really need some ideas! Thanks!

And got the following answer:

Use Liquid Starch with a spray bottle. I even have a blanket hanging from the ceiling in the bathroom with a shower because I spent all night trying to replaster it and it ended up looking like hell. The starch really holds them until you want them down.

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