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girlfriday630 asked Dose anyone know what it means when your refrigerator starts to freeze up?

My refrigerator is starting to freeze up and everything in it is freezing like the milk and other foods. What is the problem? I have already lowered the temp. settings and it is still freezing?

And got the following answer:

HERE'S THE ANSWER: All of the suggestions given regarding cleaning under and around the motor and fan and the the cooling coils would be accurate if the fridge was NOT cooling. Those issues cause the fridge to be unable to cool. The idea about the door seals is a good one but that issue would not have happened all at once. You have two issues that may be compounding one another... the refrigerator froze up in the first place... and it won't un-freeze now. The refrigerator is made to cool, not freeze... but the difference beween ideal cold and freezing is only 8-10 degrees farenheit. The first thing you need to know before you go "trying" solutions like replacing parts is what caused the thermostatic control to go beyond it's setting in the first place. This may have been something as simple as someone not shutting the door all the way. To diagnose: Take everything, and I DO mean everything out of the fridge and freezer. You can place it in picnic coolers if need be while you work on the rest. Un-plug the fridge and pull it out from the wall. While you have it out it is always a good idea to clean under and around the coils and so on. Also empty and clean the freezer discharge tray. This is the plastic pan on the floor that catches the water when the unit self-defrosts. Check the hose that leads into this pan. Is it clogged with dust? Is there a gruesome booger like substance growing on or in it? (Slime mould) Any clog in this line will stop the self defrost from working and will cause a full fridge freeze-up. Allow the entire fridge to defrost COMPLETELY. Why? Because now that it HAS frozen it does not have a working thermostat. This is the second problem... You have reset the temp settings... but the dial you are setting, which is an adjustable thermostat, doesn't work right now because it is frozen solid. If any moisture at all is inside of it, that moisture has locked it in place because it is now ice or frost. Note: You may have broken it when you turned it if it was frozen. Once all ice is gone, pour a little warm water into the floor of the freezer. This should run right out the hose onto the floor. If not... wait until it does. Now the discharge line is thawed. Turn the thermostats to OFF. Plug the fridge. It should stay OFF. Un-plug. Hit the thermostats (one in the fridge, one in the freezer, with a hair dryer for just a mnute. Let cool. Plug in. It should stay OFF. (If not you have broken the thermostat by forcing when frozen) ) Then set to the NORMAL setting (usually highlighted on the dial) You should hear a distinct click and it should kick on. Then turn the freezer on the same way. . Let them run for a few hours to get to temp. You'll want to use the time to go get a refrigerator thermometer from the local hardware or kitchen store. Actually any wall thermometer will do. Place in the fridge on the middle shelf. You will want a temp of right around 41 degrees for normal cooling. If it doesn't get that cool after four hours, adjust to the next colder setting. If after all this the unit works OK it was probably that someone leftthe door open, someone accidentally turned the thermostat all the way to coldest, something was blocking the defrost vent in the freezer, something was blocking the vents inside the fridge, or the defrost line was clogged.

There was an error connecting to the Amazon web service, or no results were found for your query.

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